Democrats beat out Republican convention in prime-time ratings

With the exception of one night, the Democratic National Convention received higher television ratings than the Republican convention during prime-time hours.

The final night of the Republican convention, when President Trump delivered his case for reelection to the public, reached around 23.8 million people, but the final night of the Democratic convention is estimated to have topped 24.6 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The gap between them widened in the earlier days, with the exception of the second night, when first lady Melania Trump delivered remarks. On Tuesday, the Republican convention earned 19.4 million viewers on 11 different networks, with the Democratic convention earning 19.2 million views total on Aug. 18.

On the opening night of the GOP convention, 17 million viewers tuned in during prime time, whereas 19.7 million watched the first night of the Democratic convention. On the third night of the Democratic convention, the night California Sen. Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president, 22.8 million watched. Viewership for the GOP’s third respective night earned approximately 17.3 million people.

However, television viewership for both conventions was lower than in 2016, when then-candidate Trump’s acceptance speech topped 32.2 million viewers and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earned 29.8 million viewers. Nielsen’s numbers did not factor in online viewership.

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